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PSPC Mission


Our Mission or Purpose

To provide the best available personalized healthcare services to individuals, their families, their healthcare providers and the communities we serve.

Our Vision

To promote wellness as well as the prevention and treatment of disease through personalized healthcare services.

Our Values
  1. We believe in honoring the dignity, values and culture of the individuals we serve.
  2. We believe in comprehensive integrated healthcare services to meet the goals and needs of individuals and healthcare providers we serve.
  3. We believe that many diseases are preventable and the early detection of disease is important.
  4. We believe our employees should be well trained, enthusiastic, engaged, aligned, competent, and trustworthy in order for us to be successful.
  5. We believe in working with individuals and their healthcare providers to develop innovative approaches to wellness and to implement evidence-based prevention and treatment of disease.
  6. We believe it is our responsibility to provide high quality, safe, effective and efficient healthcare.
  7. We believe in fair pricing to continue to grow, develop and improve upon the best, easily accessible, cost-effective healthcare services.

Pathology Services, P.C. Main Lab

1931 West A
North Platte, NE 69101
(308) 532-4700

Pathology Services, P.C. Health Pavilion Lab

611 West Francis Street
North Platte, NE 69101
(308) 532-4700

Contact Laboratory Services

Phone: 308.532.4700
Fax: 308.534.0534

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