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Anatomic Pathology


Pathology Services, P.C. offers full services in anatomic pathology. Anatomic pathology includes surgical pathology as well as post-mortem examinations (autopsies).


Surgical pathology specimens should be submitted with an accurately completed surgical pathology request form. Correct identification of the site of removal of tissue specimens and careful labeling are very important.

Small Biopsies: Submit all biopsies from separate sites in individual containers. Fix with 10% buffered formalin using about 10 times the specimen's volume. Make sure the specimen container is closed tightly and properly labeled.

Large Surgical Specimens: Use 10% buffered formalin to completely cover the specimen; optimally, 10 times the specimen's mass should be used. The portion of the specimen of primary interest must be directly immersed in formalin for adequate fixation. Bowel segments must be opened lengthwise and rinsed, if necessary, to remove feces for proper fixation. Uterine cavities must be opened before placing the specimen in formalin. Make sure the specimen container is closed tightly and properly labeled.

Multiple Specimens: Specimens from different body sites must be submitted in separately labeled containers to assure anatomically accurate diagnosis.

Extremities: Large extremities may be too bulky to fix in formalin. After carefully wrapping the specimen, the amputated limb may be stored in a lab refrigerator or packed in ice or cold packs until ready for shipment. They should be shipped in a leak-proof container.

Special Diagnostic Biopsies: Lymph node biopsies with a clinical concern of lymphoma, kidney biopsies, and other unusual diagnostic biopsies sometimes require special handling. These biopsies should be either scheduled to coincide with the pathologist's scheduled visit or a pathologist should be called to give you instructions to properly handle your needs.

Outside Consultations: Difficult or unusual surgical pathology cases may be sent to specialists for a second opinion or special studies such as immunohistochemistry. Most of these specialists charge a consultant's fee.

Gross Tissue Description Only: Certain specimens are documented by a gross description only. These specimens include teeth, lenses, foreign bodies and surgical hardware.


Autopsies are arranged by calling a pathologist. Fees vary with the types of examination, special studies needed (such as toxicologic analysis), amount of tissue processing and travel charges. A properly executed autopsy permit must be available when the pathologist arrives to perform the autopsy. Click here to download a printable autopsy permit.

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