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Cytology Services & Specimens


Pathology Services, P.C. offers a full service Cytology Department. Our Cytology Laboratory offers comprehensive cytodiagnostic screening and examination of all Gynecologic, Non-Gynecologic, and Fine Needle Aspiration specimens.

Our ASCP certified Pathologists and Cytotechnologists are committed to providing the highest level of cytology services and quality care. The PSPC Cytology Group has an outstanding quality assurance program and has successfully passed the CAP Pap Proficiency Exam since its commencement in 2005.

Our established QA/QC program consists of:

  • Direct Screening of all Paps with a minimum 10% rescreen of all negatives.
  • Ongoing correlation and documentation between Pap smear and Biopsy results.
  • Retro Review of Pap cases from the previous five years whenever a new high-grade lesion or malignant case is reported.
  • Extensive Cytology Statistical documentation in accordance with CLIA.
  • Providing physicians with individualized Patient Pap letters upon request.
  • Providing physicians with documentation of patients with abnormal Pap tests for follow-up.
  • Continuing medical education for staff including the College of American Pathologist's Cytology Proficiency Testing Program.
  • Careful and continuous monitoring of all laboratory policies and procedures including stain quality, specimen adequacy, equipment maintenance, and order entry.


Cytology diagnoses malignant and premalignant lesions and diseases on the microscopic level. Cytology testing can be performed from virtually any available body site or body fluid.


  • SurePath™ Liquid Based Pap Test
    One of the most common tests the lab processes and analyzes is the Pap test. The Pap test is one of the most successful cancer-screening tools ever developed, reducing deaths from cervical cancer by about 70 percent
  • HPV Testing
    High risk HPV testing plays an important role in screening women for cervical neoplasia. A wide range of HPV testing can be performed and in most cases can be run from the original SurePath pap vial. High risk HPV testing can be ordered either alone, in conjunction with a liquid-based Pap test or as a reflex if the cytological diagnosis is Atypical Squamous Cells of Undetermined Significance. HPV Genotyping 16/18/45 can also be performed upon request.


  • Fluids: Pleural, Peritoneal, Pericardial, Ascites, Thoracentesis, Paracentesis, Cyst Fluid, Synovial
  • Urine, specify how collected
  • Washings: Bronchial, Bladder, Gastric, Nasopharyngeal, Peritoneal
  • Brushings: Bronchial, Gastric, Other
  • Sputum, must be deep cough from lower respiratory tract
  • Nipple Discharge
  • Cerebral Spinal Fluid (CSF)
  • Other

Fine Needle Aspiration (FNA)

  • Breast
  • Thyroid, Parotid, or Salivary Gland
  • Lymph Node
  • Lung
  • Soft Tissue Masses
  • Deep and superficial palpable masses
  • Ultrasound Guided Aspiration
  • Rapid Assessment Evaluation
  • Other

Fine Needle Aspiration with Rapid Assessment

  • Some palpable lesions of concern may be biopsied by Fine Needle Aspiration with Rapid Assessment.
  • PSPC Pathologists offer on-site adequacy and evaluation with rapid turn-around time. For more information about this service contact the lab.

With most Non-Gyn and FNA specimens, if there is enough cellular material a Cell Block may be prepared for a more complete cytopathology evaluation.

Air dried slides (smear made without spraying with fixative) should be made on FNAs of a Lymph Node, Thyroid, Salivary Gland or any mass where a Myeloproliferative disorders, Lymphoma or Leukemia is a concern.

All specimens should be submitted to the laboratory in a timely manner and should be properly labeled and ordered or with a completely filled out cytology requisition. Correct specimen type, source, and clinical history should be included and plays a vital role in diagnosing and patient care. Prepared smears must be sprayed with fixative immediately after collection. Fluid specimens should be sent in a leak-proof container, refrigerated and sent on cold packs. Some cytology specimens, if placed in preservative fluid, can be sent room temperature. Contact laboratory for specific collection and transport instructions.

For complete specimen preparation and handling information please contact the Cytology laboratory or refer to the Pathology Services P. C. Directory of Services.

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