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July 2024

Here at Pathology Services, we are always looking to hire qualified individuals who want to be part of our amazing team. We are excited to announce the following wonderful new staff who have joined us. 

Suzie Rosentrater – Suzie is a MLT who has previously had a very long career in Grant, NE. Suzie comes with us with over 30 years of laboratory tech experience.

April Bailar – April is a MT who recently joined our team. April has had a long term career previously at Great Plains Health and comes with a wealth of knowledge and over 36 years of experience. 

Tara Barraclough recently joined our histology department and is eagerly learning all the in’s and out’s of histology!

Jasmin Freeze - Not new with our Team but new position! Jasmin previously worked in our billing office and recently has transferred to our IT Department. Jasmin is also our new social media specialist. 

Traditional Medicare or Medicare Advantage?

Medicare, established in 1965, is showing its age. The program can cost older adults up to $1,000 a month in premiums, it does not prevent chronic disease and does not cover services such as dental, vision and hearing. Original Medicare is the traditional fee-for-service program that covers hospital and medical services. It does not have a set out-of-pocket maximum, which means an original Medicare plan beneficiary could potentially pay unlimited costs for deductibles, coinsurance, and copayments.

Medicare Advantage, established in 2003, may cost nothing in premiums. Two thirds of Medicare Advantage plans will charge no premium (other than the Part B premium of approximately $175 per month) in 2024. 

•    97% or more of individual Medicare Advantage plans offer vision, fitness, hearing, or dental benefits in 2024. 

•    Federal law requires Medicare Advantage plans to have an out-of-pocket limit of $8,850 or less for covered in-network services in 2024, and $13,300 or less for covered in-network and out-of-network services combined in 2024. 
Pathology Services will continue to accept Medicare Advantage Plans as well as Traditional Medicare going forward.

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