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Instrument/LocationAbbreviationNameSorted By Name In Ascending OrderHost CodeCPT CodesLOINCTubes/ContainersSpecimen TypeStorage TemperatureVolumeMinimum VolumeTab AssignmentPSPC Testing ScheduleAdditional InformationDocument TitleDocument Link
RPSDEOXQ11-Deoxycorticosterone Quant by HPLC-MS/MS (ARUP via RPS)YDEOXQ826331656-8SST Also acceptable: Plain red, pink (K2EDTA), plasma separator tube, sodium heparin, or lithium heparin.Serum or plasmaRefrigerated; frozen also acceptable. 1 mL0.3 mLRPS SendoutsPerformed MWF / Reported 2-5 daysARUP# 2008458  
RPSHMGCR3-Hydroxy-3-Methylglutaryl Coenzyme A Reductase (HMGCR) Ab, IgG (ARUP via RPS)YHMGCR8351693493-5SSTSerumRefrigerated; frozen also acceptable. 0.5 mL0.15 mLRPS SendoutsPerformed Fridays / Reported 1-15 daysARUP # 2013101  
RPSNCLO5'Nucleotidase (RPS)YNCLO839151690-7SSTSerumRefrigerate1 mL0.2 mLRPS Sendouts ARUP # 0080235  
RPSABPAABPA Screen (RPS)YABPA82785, 86003, 86606 x219113-0, 6025-1, 6808-0, 6809-8SSTSerumRefrigerated2.3 mL0.5 mLRPS SendoutsPerformed everyday / Reported 3-7 daysARUP # 2004243  
RPSAANCAcanthamoeba and Naegleria Culture (RPS)YAANC870819781-6Specimen Cup (1)SpecimenRoom TempCorneal scrapings, vitreous fluid, or tissue (Place in 2 mL saline) RPS Sendouts ARUP # 0060245  
Cobas 6000ACETPAcetaminophenYACETP803293298-7Red Top Serum / Li Hep PlasmaRed Top Serum / Li Hep Plasma7 days refrigerated1 mL0.5 mL Daily***DO NOT USE SST Serum, Gel tubes not validated***  
RPSACTOUAcetaminophen, Urine (NMS via RPS)YACTOU80302  UrineRefrigerate  RPS Sendouts    
RPSACHRACAcetylcholine Receptor (AChR) Antibody Reflexive Panel (RPS)YACHRAC83519, 83516 SST SerumRefrigerate1 mL0.5 mLRPS Sendouts ARUP # 2001571 - If Acetylcholine receptor-binding antibody is greater than 0.4 nmol/L or acetylcholine receptor-blocking antibody is greater than 26 %, then acetylcholine receptor-modulating antibody will be added on.  
RPSACRAAcetylcholine Receptor (AChr) Binding Antibody (RPS)YACRA83519 SSTSerumRefrigerate0.5 mL0.3 mLRPS Sendouts ARUP # 0080009  
RPSARBLAcetylcholine Receptor (AChr) Blocking Antibody (RPS)YARBL8351642937-3SSTSerumRefrigerate1 mL0.5 mLRPS Sendouts ARUP # 0099580  
RPSACMBAcetylcholine Receptor (AChr) Modulating Antibody (RPS)YACMB8351630192-9Serum (1)SerumRefrigerate0.5 mL0.3 mLRPS Sendouts ARUP # 0099521  
ARUP via RPSARASTAcetylcholine Receptor Antibodies and Striated Muscle AntibodiesYARAST83519, 83516 x2, 8625549692-7, 11034-6, 42937-3SST or Plain Red TopSerumRefrigerate, Frozen also acceptable1.5 mL0.7 mLRPS ARUP # 2005639. AKA: Myasthenia Gravis Complete Reflexive Antibody Panel   
RPSRAFCRAcid Fast Bacillus Culture (Sputum or Bronc Washings Only)YRAFCRR87116, 87206533-0 SpecimenRefrigerate20 mL5 mLRPS SendoutsPerformed M-F / Final at 6 weeksMultiple collections from same site must be collected 24 hours apart. 5-20 mLs sputum or bronchial washings in a sterile leak-proof container.   
RPSAFBCUAcid Fast Bacillus Culture w/ AFB StainYAFBCU87116, 87206533-0 SpecimenRefrigerate  RPS SendoutsPerformed M-F / Final at 6 weeksEarly morning urine in a sterile leak-proof container. Gastric aspirate, body fluid and tissue in a sterile leak-proof container. At least 1-2 ml CSF, 5-20 ml gastric aspirate, > 40ml urine, 5-10 ml body fluid or tissue. Multiple collections from same site must be collected 24 hours apart.  
RPSAFBBLAcid Fast Bacillus Culture, Blood or Bone MarrowYAFBBL87116 Mycolytic / F Blood Culture Bottle (Red Label / Red Cap)Blood or Bone MarrowCritical ambient storage. Transport to lab ASAP.3.0-5.0 mL blood for adults; 1.0-3.0 mL blood for pediatrics; 1.0 mL minimum volume for bone marrow.  
RPSAFBSMAcid Fast Stain, Modified (RPS)YAFBSM  Specimen CupDefaultRefrigerate  RPS Sendouts This test is not orderable as a stand alone test, it MUST be ordered in conjunction with an acid fast culture. Early morning urine or sputum in a sterile leak-proof container. Gastric aspirate, body fluid and tissue in a sterile leak-proof container. Store and transport refrigerated at 2-8 C.  
RPSACPHAcid Phosphatase (RPS)YACPH84060 Red TopSerum-No SST Drug LevelFrozen1.5 mL0.5 mLRPS Sendouts ARUP # 0020544  
RPSPACPAcid Phosphatase, Prostatic (RPS)YPACP8406620420-6SSTSerumFrozen1 mL0.5 mLRPS Sendouts Refrigerate up to 24 hours and then freeze. ARUP # - 0070120  
RPSARACTHACTH (Adrenocorticotropic) Hormone Level (RPS)YARACTH820242141-0Purple top tubeEDTA plasma CRITICAL FROZEN.1 mL0.5 mLRPS SendoutsPerformed everyday / Reported within 24 hrsMorning collection (7 a.m. to 10 a.m.) is preferred. Collection tube must be siliconized glass or plastic. CRITICAL FROZEN. Separate specimens must be submitted when multiple tests are ordered.  
RPSAPCRActivated Protein C (APC) Resistance (RPS)YAPCR8530713590-5Blue Top (1), Frozen - Sodium Citrated Plasma (1)Sodium Citrate PlasmaFrozen1.5 mL1 mLRPS Sendouts ARUP # 0030127 - CRITICAL FROZEN . Separate specimens must be submitted when multiple tests are ordered.  
RPSAQPPAcylcarnitine Quant Profile Plasma (ARUP via RPS)YAQPP82017 Sodium or Lithium HeparinHeparinized PlasmaFrozen0.5 mL0.2 mLRPS Sendouts ARUP # 0040033 - CRITICAL FROZEN. Separate specimens must be submitted when multiple tests are ordered.  
RPSACYLUAcylglycines, Quant, Urine (ARUP via RPS)YACYLU8254253718-3,24442-6, 24439-2, 24437-6, 24435-0, 24440-0, 24436-8, 24444-2, 24438-4, 24441-8, 24443-4, 2161-8Urine cupUrine randomFrozen6 mL3 mLRPS SendoutsPerformed Wednesdays / Reported 2-13 daysARUP # 0081170 Biochemical Genetics Patient History Form should accompany specimenBiochemical Genetic Testing Patient History Form
RPSADAABAdalimumab (Humira) Activity and Neutralizing Antibody (RPS)YADAAB80145, 82397 SSTSerumRefrigerate1 mL0.5 mLRPS Sendouts ARUP # 2011248   
RPSADVBLAdenovirus DNA Detection, Blood (RPS)YADVBL8779862480-9Purple top tubePlasmaRefrigerate1 mL plasma0.5 mL plasmaRPS Sendouts    
RPSADVOTAdenovirus DNA Detection, Specimens other than blood (RPS)YADVOT87798 Sterile ContainerBone Marrow Aspirate, Respiratory speicmen, Body fluid, Urine, Stool, or Tissue (fresh, frozen or paraffin embeded)Refrigerate. Transport snap frozen tissue in dry ice. 2.0 mL Bone Marrow Aspirate in EDTA tube; 2.0 mL body fluid, respiratory sample, urine or stool in a sterile containter. 0.5 mLRPS Sendouts Results in 3 days from time of receipt at RPS  
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